Moms for Libraries & Brave Books

Brave Books offers a new children’s book every month exploring a new principle or value that makes America great. The Moms for Libraries program utilizes “Elephants Are Not Birds,” “More Than Spots and Stripes,” “Surfing Past Fear,” and “Little Lives Matter.” These books teach concepts about self-acceptance, elimination of prejudice, the true meaning of bravery, and caring for family.

Brave’s “Freedom Island” series is ideal for ages 4-12. Parents can sign up for individual titles or subscribe for a new book delivered each month. 

You can get your own copies 20% off using the code MOMS4LIBRARIES at Every purchase using this code helps our program earn more donated books to distribute to schools.

About Moms for Libraries: A program of the Moms for Liberty Foundation, Moms for Libraries works to place books that teach civics, history and American values in school libraries to benefit present and future generations. Read more here. 

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