What is Moms for Libraries?

Moms for Libraries works to place books that teach civics, history and American values in school libraries to benefit present and future generations. Consider donating to help purchase books that we will donate to school libraries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moms for Libraries works directly with publishers and authors to help facilitate the placement of donated books in school libraries and classrooms.

Publishers and authors are funding the donation of their own books. Moms for Libraries is a facilitator of the donations, helping to distribute and place them in libraries and classrooms through our nationwide network of mom volunteers.

Books are selected based on several criteria, including but not limited to literary value, state educational standards, age appropriateness, and a reflection of the value of liberty.

No. Promo codes are sometimes provided by publishers to encourage supporters of our mission to make purchases that can help raise funds to donate more books. Customers receive a percentage off their purchase, and the publisher sets aside a percentage to cover additional donations. Moms for Liberty Foundation does not take any money from promotions or affiliate codes.

Contact your nearest Moms for Liberty chapter for information.

Contact your nearest Moms for Liberty chapter for information.

Literacy Partners

If you are a publisher or author and are interested in becoming a Literacy
Partner with our Moms for Libraries program, contact us here.

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